Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Trip to Mammoth

From the 28TH of December to the 2ND of January my family and I went to Mammoth to ski. We stayed at a hotel called St. Anton which is right by Canyon Lodge. We all skied the first day, and the conditions were nice. It was a little windy, but the snow was great. That night I didn't feel good and low and behold I ended up with a 24 hour stomach flu, throwing up three times. It was horrible. I could barely sleep, so I stayed in the hotel with my mom for a day and a half recovering. It was great to finally get to go outside and ski, however that night my mom got the same thing that I just had. I felt bad for her but not bad enough to skip a day of skiing. While my mom slept in the hotel, my dad, brother and I skied as much as we could. At the top of the mountain, we went down Cornus a few times and we did the shoulder of Wipeout. My brother had a little trouble with the shoulder of Wipeout because it's a double-black diamond but he made it down. The last day everyone skied and the last run I did was Paranoid Flat with my dad. Paranoid Flat is one of the hardest runs at Mammoth. It's a double-black diamond and my dad and I did not pick the greatest time to do it. There were some rocks, it was a little icy, and there was no powder to slow you down or cushion you if you fell. It was scary when I looked down over the top of the run and saw how steep it was. It looks vertical. But I had done it many times before and so I skied down with my dad enjoying the challenge and ended the trip with a great run.

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  1. Great posting. I like that you posted about something outside of school. You are a great writer, and have a strong vocabulary. It was so good, that I felt like I was there.